Friday, August 30, 2013

Muscle Cars in Home Decor

Man cave, manland, mantuary, rec room or den, whatever it's labelled, the "male sanctuary" has become a pretty dominant space in the home. Although it seems many of these have been sports themed in the past, the car guys are making these rooms their own.

Here's a great shot supplied by one of our clients out east. He was fortunate to acquire a Shelby Mustang signed and numbered limited edition pool table before Carroll Shelby's passing in May of last year. Although numbered out of 100, only 50 tables were produced, numbered and signed by the man himself.

Shelby Mustang Pool Table and "Pure As The Driven Snow"
Numbers Matching set!

Here's the really cool part, the table and Gallery Edition Canvas of Michael's Pure As The Driven Snow, are a "numbers matching" set. Both are #46. The table #46/100 (but only 50 actually built) and the Canvas #46/50 — any car guy (or gal) can appreciate that!!

Thanks to Duane and his family for adding Michael's work to their incredible collection and for allowing us to share a part of it with you. Love that bar set, by the way!

If you have a photo you'd like to share with us and our clientele, we'd love to see. I am always amazed to see just how creative people can be. And it gives Michael a boost to see his work hanging in so many homes, offices and garages ... so keep those pics coming!! In the mean time, check out our Facebook page to see what others have posted. — Linda