Monday, November 26, 2012

MCACN Show & The Ultimate Mopar Farm Find

The Ultimate Mopar Trilogy (l-r): They Came With The Farm,
They Came With The Farm Too, They Came With The Farm Free.
Gallery Edition Canvases limited to only 50 s
In November we were setup, showing Michael's latest creative sensation ... "They Came With The Farm Free", in Chicago at the Muscle Car and Corvette Nationals. I say 'creative sensation', because that's what the Mopar Farm set is turning out to be!! They look so amazing together that people were coming from across the convention center floor to check them out ... 9 feet of dream find Mopars can really draw a crowd!!

I think one of the main reasons for the set's success, aside from being  esthetically pleasing to the eye, is the incredible creative level that Michael has managed to achieve. Nothing like this (to my knowledge) has been attempted or created before. Creating one incredible scene from three independently painted works. Not only does each painting stand on it's own, but each works with it's partner (playing to the left or the right) and then as a whole, working together, they are simply spectacular!

They Came With The Farm

"They Came With The Farm" (released late 2006, Limited Edition Prints and Artist Proofs with Custom Remarque sold out early 2008) was a stand alone piece. Part of the Muscle Car Landscapes Series, it was not connected to any of the other paintings and was, at that time, the only Mopar piece in the series. Next, based on the popularity of the first one, and from comments like, "There just aren't enough Mopars in this painting!", Michael decided to do a second painting. At first, conceptually, it too was a stand alone piece.

They Came With The Farm Too

Always looking to challenge himself, Michael thought he'd try for something completely different — a continuation painting — starting "They Came With The Farm Too" (2010) where the first one finished off. This made the new painting that much more challenging —not only did it have to look good when on it's own, it now had to work with the first one. And of course, scale, size, proportion, color palette, all had to match. Layout too, became  more critical, because "Farm Too" had to work with "Farm", without being overpowering.

They Came With The Farm Free
This year, Michael decided to complete the scene, by releasing the third and final painting, "They Came With The Farm Free". This was the most complicated of the three. Not only did this painting have to work visually on it's own, it also had to  flow with "Farm Too" and balance with both "Farm" and "Farm Too" combined. The challenges: scale, size, perspective, color pallette, car choices and colors, layout, and interest, were now multiplied as Michael worked to achieve the 'ultimate car find' (for Mopar, Plymouth, Dodge, Chrysler lovers that is!!). And, as Michael is not keen on the idea of just repeating himself, he wanted a different look and feel to the painting, while still fulfilling all the necessary restrictions that doing a continuation piece created. Very challenging. Very time consuming. And somewhat stressful. The result — wow! The consensus — success on all fronts!! They are truly incredible together!!

Close to Being Sold Out

Complete matching number sets are sold out in the Limited Edition Prints and Artist Proofs with Custom Remarque. At the time this was posted, we still had a couple of complete matching number Gallery Edition Canvas sets available. For those interested in the Limited Edition Prints or Artist Proofs with Custom Remarque, I am recommending matching numbers of the two available, "They Came With The Farm Too" and "They Came With The Farm Free". These opportunities are very limited, but there are still a few available.

Thank you to all that made this series of prints such a wonderful success. I, for one, cannot wait to see what Michael comes up with next!! All the best in the year ahead. — Linda