Thursday, July 25, 2013

MuscleCarArt on Instagram!

This past weekend we were at Tim & Brenda's 3rd Annual Car Show in King City. The weather was perfect. The cars were amazing. The money raised was incredible : $94M in one day!

Tim has these stickers he's asked people to post, well, anywhere! Turns out, they are promoting their Instagrams, something I knew nothing about. It's pretty wild just how many social media and photo sharing vehicles (pardon the pun) are at our finger tips these days.

I checked out Tim's Instagram (@vipeme) and thought, why not ... it could be fun to share some of the pics from the car shows and auctions we attend. When you have a chance, check out @MuscleCarArt ... I've shared 10 photos so far, and working on more!!

Here's a quick sample of what I've posted so far — a few from Tim & Brenda's, one from Moncton, NB and one of Michael's latest Custom Remarques! - Thanks for following, Linda