Monday, March 8, 2010

Muscle Car Magazine Covers

It all started back in late spring 2007. Rob Wolf, of the Mopar Collectors Guide (MCG), gave us a call. He wanted to put Michael's first all Mopar painting, "They Came With The Farm," on the cover of his magazine. Our first reaction was to say, no. Up until then, we had always turned down queries about utilizing Michael's automotive paintings on anything other than the Limited Edition Prints, or Artist Proofs with Remarque, or Gallery Edition Canvases. Our feeling was (and still is), that if a collector is investing in a limited piece of art, it should in fact, be limited. Not that suddenly the complete, un-altered image appears on mugs, notecards and t-shirts.

That being said, a magazine cover was intriguing. Especially since it would be supported by an article about Michael and his art. Rob described in detail how the cover would be handled and we ultimately agreed. The rest, as we say, is history.

One interesting thing that came about due to Michael being "covered" ... it created a whole new kind of collectible. Now clients who have the Limited Edition Prints, Artist Proof with Remarque or Gallery Edition Canvases and the matching postcards, can also add the magazines to their collection! In fact, many have come up to us as automotive events and auctions, and had Michael autograph their copy of the magazine .... how cool is that! While some just hang on to their magazines as keepsakes, adding them to their collections, others frame them up right alongside their reproduction.

If you're interested in getting in on the collecting ... check out MCG's back issues webpage:, they may still have some copies available. Then, next time you attend an event we're exhibiting at, bring your copy. Michael will happily autograph it for you! — Linda

Here are the covers and their issue dates:

"They Came With The Farm"
August 2007

"Six Pack Salute"
April 2008

"Feeding Frenzy"
December 2009
"Service Fit For A King"
April 2010