Monday, April 30, 2012

MegaSpeed Custom Car & Truck Show – Toronto

The new MegaSpeed Custom Car & Truck Show actually replaces Performance World, a show that was around for many years. So, this inaugural event, is really a new and improved version of one of the area's longest running indoor car shows. New owner, new vendors, new automobiles ... really, a great looking event. And, with the changes owner Pat is making, next year should be even better.

Although we did not set up a booth at the show, Michael's automotive fine art was on display; you can just make out the Gallery Edition Canvases of "BEEP BEEP!", "Feeding Frenzy" and "Pure As The Driven Snow"  in the background of the first photo of the Boss Mustang below, and "Bird Sanctuary" in the 2nd photo. WHAT a beautiful car! After spotting "Boss Building" while the car art was being hung, the owner added it to his collection.

Enjoy the pics. — Linda

Michael Irvine Car Art with Boss Mustang at car show
Car Art by Michael Irvine at Toronto car show
Couple of shots of a truly stunning Boss Mustang.

Cool gold truck - beautiful paint. Inspiring us to get our 1971 Firebird into
a paint booth!

One of our client's cars — took home 5 awards — awesome!