Monday, May 10, 2010

Collecitble: Mopar Magazine - Car Art on the Cover

Mopar Collectors Guide - July 2010

Magazine Editor Rob Wolf has honored Michael's great Mopar art once again, by putting his newest creation, They Came With The Farm Too, on the cover of the July issue of the Mopar Collectors Guide! These magazines have become quite the collectibles themselves, not only for the great content, but also for the uniqueness of the covers. Many clients go so far as to bring them to car shows and other automotive events in the hopes of Michael being there and having him autograph their copy.

If you're thinking of making the trek, magazine in hand, then just drop us an email to find out if we'll be at the event you plan to attend - we haven't quite nailed down our summer show schedule yet. I can tell you, we'll be at All-Chrysler Carlisle in July to start. We're in Row 'J', just a few steps from the grandstands.

This is the 5th cover of MCG that Michael has been featured on ... a great big thank you to Rob and all the staff at the Mopar Collectors Guide! To add to your collection and get your hands on a back issue, visit MCG on-line. — Linda

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