Monday, March 31, 2014

Displaying Your Passion with Automotive Fine Art

dec·o·rate (verb)

make (something) look more attractive by adding extra items or images to it. synonyms: ornament, adorn, trim, embellish, garnish, furnish, enhance, grace, prettify;

nascar, petty, bobby allison, bobby issac, talladega, racing, wing car, aero car
"Battle on the High Bank"
Decorating is enhancing the space you live or work in. The decor should not only be functional to suit the purpose of the space (ie: living room, foyer, shop, man cave, office, bedroom, kitchen, dining room, boardroom) but also be a reflection of you, your personality, color preferences and likes. You should feel comfortable in the room and be proud of the decor.

With the amount of time many of us spend in an office or a kitchen, or relaxing in a living room, family room or den, art, along with the paint scheme and furniture choices, plays a huge role in how we feel about the space. The art you choose to adorn your walls should represent the things you are passionate about and take joy in. For people like us, that's cars.

Classic cars, the hobby, the whole culture have been a big part of our lives, even before Michael focused his talents with a paint brush on the automobile. Back in the early '90s, when good classic car art that appealed to us was hard to find, we hung a few of Michael's early originals.

Now, don't get me wrong ... there are no show posters, or dealer posters, or digital car renderings on my walls. What we do hang are a lot fine automotive art pieces. Predominantly Michael's of course, but there are a few others hung as well. We have an eclectic collection of originals, framed Limited Edition Prints and Gallery Edition Canvases. With color playing a dominant part in our decision making, the pieces and their framing dictate where in our home they'll be hung. We literally have automotive art hung in nearly every room of the house, including a formal dining room, traditional living room, and small powder room!

As you've probably guessed, I'm a bit of a car girl. And you may be telling yourself that's why we have so much car related art in our home. But if you're thinking that only women with a  fondness for the automobile would decorate with automotive fine art, think again!

One of our client's wives (self proclaimed non-car lover) was persuading her husband to purchase C1, See Them All in the large canvas. Needless to say, our client was a bit baffled ... his wife had never before shown any interest in "car art". Her reaction? "This isn't just car art, it's a fine art painting that just happens to be featuring classic cars. I mean look at it, with all that color, what's the difference between this and a floral or a landscape except the shape of the subject matter." Nicely said!

We agree wholeheartedly. Art doesn't have to be a floral, landscape or abstract. It can be more than just something you hang on the wall to match your couch. Art can truly represent your passion, bring you joy and give you a sense of pride while you share it with others!

With Michael's automotive fine art we get the best of both worlds; we get to enjoy beautiful works of art that are alive with color and creative imagery, while also allowing us to be surrounded by pieces that reflect our lives and passions.

GT, Shelby, Boss 429, boss 302, boss 351, mach 1
"Thoroughbreds" and "Big Blocks Behind The Barn"
original watercolor painting, gallery edition canvas, viper, bonneville salt flats, free shipping
"Dry Lake Snakes"

We've recently had a number of clients email us or post photos on our Facebook page of their "Michael Irvine Automotive Fine Art decor." I'll be posting them in the near future. Thank you for including Michael's work in your lives. — Linda