Friday, February 1, 2013

Cool Car "Accessories" Made in the USA

Okay, so I'm on a bit of a "roll" ... with the accessorizing for the car girl. But, in my defense, I just couldn't help but spot these guys at Barrett Jackson Arizona (check out the cool Airstream and you'll know why - so much chrome!) this January. That's what happens when you get to go to these big automotive shows and collector auctions!! And we just happened to be set up again this year. Going to Arizona in January, being surrounded by hundreds of classic cars, talking to old friends and making new ones ... ya, that's rough :) Anyway ....

At Indy, but same Airstream - hard to miss.
These guys don't just sell girl stuff, they sell accessories for kids and men too. Apparently the Harveys' got their start in 1997, after making a handbag out of scrap seatbelt material when installing seatbelts in their 1950 Buick. That's awesome. I love hearing stories (especially success ones) that have interesting beginnings. Not dreamed up, analyzed, scrutinized, projected, etc, in some stark boardroom, but ones that come from the heart. From the creative minds of regular folks like us. Sometimes, you just have to give it a shot ... and go big or go home! So, congrats to the Harveys' for doing just that and pulling it off so well.

Today, the Harveys' designs are functional, fun and elegant. The collection has something for just about everyone! It includes wallets, purses, totes, over the shoulder sling bags, iPad cases, men's wallets and more.  

Their site is easy to navigate, with tons of great images. There are hundreds of products on their site to choose from. Just thought you might want to check it out. I know what's on my Christmas list. — Linda

Here's a link to the on-line store: Harveys Seatbelt Bags