Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Romantic Marriage Proposal for Auto Enthusiasts

I don't think of myself as a romantic, but being a part of a "muscle car wedding proposal" gave me goosebumps!!

We know many of Michael's car art prints, artist proofs and gallery edition canvases have been given as a gift for a number of occasions: birthday, retirement, anniversary, Father's Day, client and customer appreciation; grooms have bought an automotive print for their best man gift; brides have ordered artist proofs as gifts for their husband-to-be (traditionally called the groom gift, I think). But incorporating automotive fine art, in something as deeply personal as asking for a woman's hand in marriage, may very well be a first. And Dave, chose Michael's Road Runner painting, "BEEP BEEP!", to do it!

Here's a little video I put together. I hope it puts a smile on your face. — Linda

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Too Busy to Blog - A Car Show Summer

Looking back, I cannot believe my last post was way back in June for Father's Day! Actually, with our busy summer schedule, I guess it's not all that surprising. Like many self employed people, we don't really have a down time, and if anything, the "car show season" makes summer even busier for us. Add to that our kids on summer break, and there's not much spare time. All that being said, we had a really great couple of months — managing to juggle both work and play.

We kicked off the summer with a trip to Cornwall, Ontario, for a local show put on by Jack Notman and his team at Notman Chrysler Dodge Jeep. What a treat. A small, local event, it's strictly a car show, no swamp meet, kiddie rides, or food fair. It gives area folks (from as far away as Quebec and Upper State New York) a chance to show off their pride and joy, have some fun, and support the local chapter of the Girl Guides (who do an awesome job of keeping everyone fed with great burgers and hotdogs!)

The event definitely draws an eclectic crowd. The cars — or more correctly, vehicles — ranged from a painted-up boogie van, to a rare special edition Viper, classic Chargers, Challengers, Darts and more, new Challengers and Chargers, even Chrysler's new Journey was present! Really, a great mix of old and new. The most unique, was the Road Runner and car hauler combo ... perfectly matched, they took best of show.

This was our second year, and having it fall on the Canada Day long weekend, made it even more special. With our kids fresh out of school for the summer, we turned the little trip into a mini family getaway. A sort of "kick off to the summer!" On Saturday we were able to enjoy the fireworks display over the Seaway – really nicely done – then the car show on Sunday, and a trip to Ottawa on Monday to round it out. Then we had a week at home and were off again.

Our next event was the Carlisle Chrysler Nationals .... but that's a whole other story. You'll just have to wait for my next post. I can tell you, though, romance was in the air. ;) — Linda