Friday, September 20, 2013

Cobble Beach Concours d'Elegance

This year marked another first, the inaugural Cobble Beach Concours d'Elegance held at the Cobble Beach Resort Community just outside Owen Sound, Ontario.

It was an amazing setting for, what looks to become, an outstanding event. This year there were just over 100 cars on display — a wonderful cross section of turn on the century classics, European sport cars and American muscle.  A picture tells a thousand words ... here's just a sample ... take a look for yourself.

Friday, August 30, 2013

Muscle Cars in Home Decor

Man cave, manland, mantuary, rec room or den, whatever it's labelled, the "male sanctuary" has become a pretty dominant space in the home. Although it seems many of these have been sports themed in the past, the car guys are making these rooms their own.

Here's a great shot supplied by one of our clients out east. He was fortunate to acquire a Shelby Mustang signed and numbered limited edition pool table before Carroll Shelby's passing in May of last year. Although numbered out of 100, only 50 tables were produced, numbered and signed by the man himself.

Shelby Mustang Pool Table and "Pure As The Driven Snow"
Numbers Matching set!

Here's the really cool part, the table and Gallery Edition Canvas of Michael's Pure As The Driven Snow, are a "numbers matching" set. Both are #46. The table #46/100 (but only 50 actually built) and the Canvas #46/50 — any car guy (or gal) can appreciate that!!

Thanks to Duane and his family for adding Michael's work to their incredible collection and for allowing us to share a part of it with you. Love that bar set, by the way!

If you have a photo you'd like to share with us and our clientele, we'd love to see. I am always amazed to see just how creative people can be. And it gives Michael a boost to see his work hanging in so many homes, offices and garages ... so keep those pics coming!! In the mean time, check out our Facebook page to see what others have posted. — Linda

Thursday, July 25, 2013

MuscleCarArt on Instagram!

This past weekend we were at Tim & Brenda's 3rd Annual Car Show in King City. The weather was perfect. The cars were amazing. The money raised was incredible : $94M in one day!

Tim has these stickers he's asked people to post, well, anywhere! Turns out, they are promoting their Instagrams, something I knew nothing about. It's pretty wild just how many social media and photo sharing vehicles (pardon the pun) are at our finger tips these days.

I checked out Tim's Instagram (@vipeme) and thought, why not ... it could be fun to share some of the pics from the car shows and auctions we attend. When you have a chance, check out @MuscleCarArt ... I've shared 10 photos so far, and working on more!!

Here's a quick sample of what I've posted so far — a few from Tim & Brenda's, one from Moncton, NB and one of Michael's latest Custom Remarques! - Thanks for following, Linda

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Mystic Mustang | Camaro | Shelby Art

Kennedy Picture Framing in St. Catharines stretches our Gallery Edition Canvases, which are shipped stretched and ready to hang anywhere in North America — with FREE shipping through FedEx Ground.

Dave and Sarah do an amazing job for us. They have a couple of Michael's pieces hanging in their gallery, located at the corner of Lake and Carlton ... niiiice. LOVE that red wall.  It looks so good that Sarah says we should give a can of the paint with every Blast By The Past Gallery Edition Canvas!

"Pure As The Driven Snow" by Michael Irvine. Gallery Edition of 50.

Top: "Blast By The Past"     |     Below: From "Showroom to Showfield"
by Michael Irvine. Gallery Edition of 50.

If you're in Niagara, the St. Catharines Downtown Association is hosting the Annual Downtown Car Show on July 6th. Weather permitting, we'll be set up next to the registration tent. It's our first year and it's a great opportunity for enthusiasts to see more of Michael's work up close.

We'll have a selection of framed pieces up, as well as some of Michael's Gallery Edition Canvases and unframed Limited Edition Prints. Kennedy Picture Framing has offered a 20% discount on custom framing to anyone that purchases one of the unframed pieces at the show.

Maybe we'll see you there. — Linda

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Mopar Magic Car Show in Cornwall, Ontario

We exhibit Michael's work at about a dozen shows a year. Some, we set up ourselves, others are handled by our dealers. Most are larger, 2-day or longer shows, like Moparfest in New Hamburg,  Mecum Indy, Barrett Jackson, or events at Carlisle, Pennsylvania. Due to time constraints, a busy schedule, 2 kids and the length of time it takes us to set up and tear down (3-4 hours on each end), we don't usually do one-day shows.

We do, however, occasionally make an exception ... Mopar Magic in Cornwall, Ontario for example. We were there last in 2011, not able to attend last year. It's a one day, in the park, on the Seaway, car show put on by Jack Notman Chrysler. In attendance are cars you just don't see anywhere else. On the St. Lawrence Seaway, it's a short hop from New York State, Quebec and Ottawa. Here's a little video I found on-line of the 2011 event.

Michael and I will be set up there again this year. (Saturday June 29th). If you're in the area, drop in ... it's a nice way to spend an early summer day. — Linda

Monday, June 10, 2013

Hurst Drag Racing Tires ... Cool Ad

Occasionally, one of our friends and dealers (thanks Dennis!!) sends us links to interesting, funny and cool videos and advertisements related to the automotive world.

As an independent business, we especially appreciate and support those other small businesses that are doing it on their own. These guys at Hurst Drag Racing Tires are succeeding at just that!! I felt I had to share their video with you. Check out the intro ... it's really cool.

Cheers — Linda

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Mecum Indy 2013 - Burned Out Hemi

We're fortunate to be able attend, and sometimes setup, at some really incredible automotive events. Some of our favorites include the Barrett Jackson and Mecum auctions. Just this past weekend, we were set up in Indianapolis at the State Fairgrounds for Mecum Indy. 

classic car auctions

As is usually the case, there were some pretty nice cars. No shortage of Corvettes or '69 Camaros, if you were in the market. There were deals to be had and we met with some pretty happy buyers.  "Eleanor" from year 2000 "Gone in 60 Seconds" was sold there (it brought a cool million bucks). Check out our previous post: "Eleanor Hero Car Sells at Mecum for $1 Million"

"Eleanor" from Gone in 60 Seconds (2000) on the block

 But one of the most "interesting" offerings was that of a car that, when restored, was amazing ...

dodge charger restored for sale
Fully restored 1967 Hemi Charger

Hemi Charger as offered at the Mecum Indy Auction

It was offered at no reserve on Wednesday and brought only $8,500. I think if I was the owner during the burning, I'd sell it at no reserve too!! For the full story on this car, here is the article from the Mecum magazine.

Eleanor Hero Car Sells at Mecum for $1 Million

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Happy Mother's Day

This Sunday is Mother's Day. And it got me thinking. 

Ford Mustang Car Art - Michael Irvine

I'm a mother (Michael and I have two children) and I'm a car girl. Surprising, really, because I was raised on the idea that cars are for guys. Not that women couldn't or shouldn't own transportation, but that that's just exactly what a "good" car should be ... transportation. As my dad would say, "to get you from A to B ... what else do you need?" My dad does not get the whole "CAR" thing at all. It's a bit embarrassing, really. But, that's not what I wanted to talk about.

Plymouth Car Art - Michael Irvine

It struck me, that although muscle cars are still more a "boy's" thing — I mean how often do you hear of a "woman cave" or "woman garage" — lots of marketing by the big three has been geared at the female of the species. 

Challenger Car Art - Michael Irvine

Women, not men, featured in many of the advertising campaigns, may have been sexy and attractive, but not sleazy or garish. Making me realize, I don't want to be the chic on the arm of the driver of that car ... I want to be THE driver, myself!

Chevy Camaro Car Art - Michael Irvine

In fact, I'm inspired to drive one, and even be a passenger — we are fair, right ladies —well into my sunset years!

Ford Mustang Car Art - Michael Irvine

So, this Mother's Day, I think I'll go for a drive. Now, which car will I take ... eeny, meeny, miny, moe ... :) Happy Mother's Day!! — Linda

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Certificates of Authenticity for Your Art

Is a Certificate of Authenticity important when collecting limited edition artwork? In a word, YES. For several reasons:
  • it certifies that you are buying a "real", authentic, authorized reproduction of the artist's work
  • it certifies the quality of the printing and inks used, and of the archival, acid free paper or canvas the work is produced on
  • it states the limited quantity of the production run
  • it guarantees that the prints are produced in limited quantities as a limited edition, therefore making it known that no additional prints will be made, once the stated number are sold out
The Certificate of Authenticity, should be numbered (to match the print) and hand-signed by the artist. When framing your print, the framer should mount the Certificate in an envelope on the back of the framed piece. That way, the Certificate is always with the art. Should the frame ever become damaged, the art print can be re-framed, and the Certificate moved to the new backing.

All of Michael's work, with the exception of his very early pieces, are accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity. If you have any questions, about the Michael Irvine prints in your collection, please do not hesitate to contact us. — Linda

Monday, March 4, 2013


You heard right, it's official. The Gallery Edition Sets of "They Came With The Farm", "They Came With The Farm Too" and "They Came With The Farm Free" are sold out! Our last set was actually sold at Barrett Jackson in Arizona in January. As far as I know, that's it ... no dealers have any left either.

Shown on display in Toronto, Canada. (Fall 2012)

Wow, that was fast.  Thank you and congratulations to all our clients that were able to add these to their collections. They are a truly magnificent set and I, for one, am sad to see them go. Now we'll just have to wait and see what Michael comes up with next!  — Linda :)

Friday, February 1, 2013

Cool Car "Accessories" Made in the USA

Okay, so I'm on a bit of a "roll" ... with the accessorizing for the car girl. But, in my defense, I just couldn't help but spot these guys at Barrett Jackson Arizona (check out the cool Airstream and you'll know why - so much chrome!) this January. That's what happens when you get to go to these big automotive shows and collector auctions!! And we just happened to be set up again this year. Going to Arizona in January, being surrounded by hundreds of classic cars, talking to old friends and making new ones ... ya, that's rough :) Anyway ....

At Indy, but same Airstream - hard to miss.
These guys don't just sell girl stuff, they sell accessories for kids and men too. Apparently the Harveys' got their start in 1997, after making a handbag out of scrap seatbelt material when installing seatbelts in their 1950 Buick. That's awesome. I love hearing stories (especially success ones) that have interesting beginnings. Not dreamed up, analyzed, scrutinized, projected, etc, in some stark boardroom, but ones that come from the heart. From the creative minds of regular folks like us. Sometimes, you just have to give it a shot ... and go big or go home! So, congrats to the Harveys' for doing just that and pulling it off so well.

Today, the Harveys' designs are functional, fun and elegant. The collection has something for just about everyone! It includes wallets, purses, totes, over the shoulder sling bags, iPad cases, men's wallets and more.  

Their site is easy to navigate, with tons of great images. There are hundreds of products on their site to choose from. Just thought you might want to check it out. I know what's on my Christmas list. — Linda

Here's a link to the on-line store: Harveys Seatbelt Bags