Saturday, June 16, 2012

Decorating The Home With Automotive Fine Art

Michael's automotive fine art hangs in man caves, dens, rec rooms, offices and now, more than ever, in feature areas of many clients' homes. We are always thrilled to hear just how creative people are with, not only the framing and matting, but also how they hang Michael's Limited Editon Prints and Gallery Edition Canvases.

Recently, at Mecum Indy, we met face to face (for the first time) with a client that has collected Michael's work for several years. It was great to get a chance to put a face to a name, email and voice! Curtis had stopped by to say hi and to check out Michael's latest piece (which he'd already ordered, but not received yet), "Chasing History."

During our chat, Curtis and I exchanged framing and hanging ideas. One of the things we found we had in common (aside from a love and appreciation of Michael's car art!!), was the way we display it.

As you can well imagine, we have a LOT of art in our home — most of it Michael's but there's a decent showing of other works too. And, like many, we are a bit light on wall space. So, I decided to try "stacking" the art. In other words, rather than hanging a single print at eye-level, which is what most decorators recommend, I hang one just above, and one just below. So, my eye level, is roughly the bottom of the top frame. I have to tell you, the effect is pretty stunning. It gives it a "gallery feel" and to my mind, gives the art even more impact.

As it turns out, I'm not the only one to do this. One of our other clients, Steven, is not only stacking, but also alternating — one vertical Gallery Edition Canvas, two stacked framed prints, one vertical Gallery Edition Canvas, etc. — brilliant! I'm waiting for Steven to send me pictures (hint, hint).

After talking with Curtis at the Mecum Auction, to my surprise and delight, when we arrived at home, he had emailed me a photograph of his clever art corner! Here's a peek at what Curtis has done — not only stacking, but using corner space —looks great! Definitely an idea I plan to incorporate in our own home.

Fittingly, Curtis named the photograph he sent me, "Irvine Corner." Thanks Curtis!!

"Irvine Corner" great idea for hanging Michael's car art!
Shown clockwise, starting top left:
They Came With The Farm, Kings of the Road,
Big Blocks Behind the Barn, Always Room For One More.