Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Mystic Mustang | Camaro | Shelby Art

Kennedy Picture Framing in St. Catharines stretches our Gallery Edition Canvases, which are shipped stretched and ready to hang anywhere in North America — with FREE shipping through FedEx Ground.

Dave and Sarah do an amazing job for us. They have a couple of Michael's pieces hanging in their gallery, located at the corner of Lake and Carlton ... niiiice. LOVE that red wall.  It looks so good that Sarah says we should give a can of the paint with every Blast By The Past Gallery Edition Canvas!

"Pure As The Driven Snow" by Michael Irvine. Gallery Edition of 50.

Top: "Blast By The Past"     |     Below: From "Showroom to Showfield"
by Michael Irvine. Gallery Edition of 50.

If you're in Niagara, the St. Catharines Downtown Association is hosting the Annual Downtown Car Show on July 6th. Weather permitting, we'll be set up next to the registration tent. It's our first year and it's a great opportunity for enthusiasts to see more of Michael's work up close.

We'll have a selection of framed pieces up, as well as some of Michael's Gallery Edition Canvases and unframed Limited Edition Prints. Kennedy Picture Framing has offered a 20% discount on custom framing to anyone that purchases one of the unframed pieces at the show.

Maybe we'll see you there. — Linda

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Mopar Magic Car Show in Cornwall, Ontario

We exhibit Michael's work at about a dozen shows a year. Some, we set up ourselves, others are handled by our dealers. Most are larger, 2-day or longer shows, like Moparfest in New Hamburg,  Mecum Indy, Barrett Jackson, or events at Carlisle, Pennsylvania. Due to time constraints, a busy schedule, 2 kids and the length of time it takes us to set up and tear down (3-4 hours on each end), we don't usually do one-day shows.

We do, however, occasionally make an exception ... Mopar Magic in Cornwall, Ontario for example. We were there last in 2011, not able to attend last year. It's a one day, in the park, on the Seaway, car show put on by Jack Notman Chrysler. In attendance are cars you just don't see anywhere else. On the St. Lawrence Seaway, it's a short hop from New York State, Quebec and Ottawa. Here's a little video I found on-line of the 2011 event.

Michael and I will be set up there again this year. (Saturday June 29th). If you're in the area, drop in ... it's a nice way to spend an early summer day. — Linda

Monday, June 10, 2013

Hurst Drag Racing Tires ... Cool Ad

Occasionally, one of our friends and dealers (thanks Dennis!!) sends us links to interesting, funny and cool videos and advertisements related to the automotive world.

As an independent business, we especially appreciate and support those other small businesses that are doing it on their own. These guys at Hurst Drag Racing Tires are succeeding at just that!! I felt I had to share their video with you. Check out the intro ... it's really cool.

Cheers — Linda