Thursday, April 15, 2010

Mopar Dream Farm Continued

It's hard to believe that March flew by as quickly as it did. It's always a busy month, what with kids home for Spring Break, but this time it seemed even crazier. And now, we're half way into April! Before we know it, summer will be upon us. And with it, the summer car shows.

Our first big show would have been last weekend. We had planned on exhibiting Michael's automotive art at the Charlotte Autofair in North Carolina, however due to my mother's health, we just couldn't make the trip this time round. If you went, I'd love to hear how it was!

What we were able to do, however, was participate in a local event, Car Collector Auction (formerly RM Auction) at the International Centre in Toronto, Ontario. Only an hour's drive from our home in St. Catharines, we could each make the drive back and forth, as needed, over the 3 days. That meant, I could be here for my mom and at the event as well.

Along with the personal stuff, what's been keeping us super busy is the release of the long awaited sequel painting to Michael's incredibly popular, They Came With The Farm, aptly named .... They Came With The Farm Too (as in "as well"). When you see the two paintings next to each other, you realize the second one is actually a continuation of the first scene. It's really quite amazing.

Don't forget that the first one was painted 3 years ago, that's part of what makes it so incredible. Think about it, not only did Michael have to "line up" the scene, because one painting starts where the other ends, but he also had to match the color palette. Now, these are not out-of-the-tube paints ... each one is mixed - kind of like a custom paint job. The colors of every blade of grass, the sky, the sun and the shadows, all have to "match" the original painting.

Next, objects, trees and cars that were "cropped" on the right hand side of They Came With The Farm, have to appear in the second painting. Classic Mopars that were reflected in the body panels of the cars, had to appear in painting. And the cars in the first one, needed to be reflected in the cars in the new one! If that wasn't enough, the paintings had to work as a pair (color, layout), that was the goal, after all, and yet, like the first one, They Came With The Farm Too had to stand alone as well!!

Incredibly challenging and difficult, Michael pulled it off! Whether hung together or separately, this is an amazing collector set. Add to it that we are matching print numbers, and it just doesn't get much better ... although, if there was a third, maybe .... we ARE getting tons of inquiries!

For now, we'll just have to wait and see. Here's to a fabulous Spring! — Linda

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