Sunday, January 24, 2010

Muscle Car Barn Finds

Every now and then, you hear stories of old barns either housing, or surrounded by vintage cars, including some pretty amazing muscle cars. Like a couple of years back at the Mopar Nationals in Ohio, I heard a young guy had come across and purchased (at a steal) a real, solid, original, all stock Plymouth Superbird. I know, right? Like lots of folks, you may be skeptical about the existence of these incredible finds. Well, think again. I came across this blog this weekend (Cars in Barns) and just HAD to share it. The cars that author, Ryan Brutt, has spotted and photographed range in pretty decent condition to ... is that one standing on end? There are Camaros, GTXs, Superbirds, Valiants and more. Definitely worth a look-see and read-through.

Hearing about finds like the one in the UK a few years ago, played a part in inspiring Michael to create his first Muscle Car Landscapes' painting (Big Blocks Behind the Barn, featuring a cool assortment of Mustangs) about 4 years ago. The series has since grown to five paintings, with a sixth one on the way, and has become very popular among collectors. For some, they find their car in the scene. For many it's just the thought of the possibility of coming across such a find. For others, it's a reflection of their own collection!

As with many of Michael's works, the paintings in this series are based on fantasy, rather than reality. In Michael's paintings the cars are solid and near road worthy. Like he says, he's done the restoration thing, he'd rather just own 'em and drive 'em! The settings, cars, everything, right down to the leaves on the ground, come from Michael's incredible imagination.

The Muscle Car Landscapes Series now consists of: Big Blocks Behind the Barn (Ford Mustangs, Shelbys, Mach 1s and Bosses), They Came With The Farm (Dodge Chargers, Challengers, Cudas, Plymouth GTXs and Daytonas), Always Room For One More (GM's Chevelles, Novas and Camaros), Bird Sanctuary (Pontiac's Firebirds, Trans Ams and Formulas) and The Goat Farmer (Pontiac's GTOs and Judges). The new one, due to be released any day, is the much anticipated and sought after, "They Came With The Farm, Too" - featuring over 25 classic Mopars including Chargers, Barracudas, Darts, Demons, Challengers, Superbees and more, it's already 25% pre-sold!

Whether there will be more paintings in the series is still undecided. But if there are more, I'm sure they'll be as well received as the first ones. And, as sought after as those elusive barn finds! - Linda


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