Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Life Advice for Partners of Classic Car Buffs

The headline, "Old car crush irks wife," appeared in our local paper last weekend. As you can guess, it was about the amount of money a woman's husband was spending on his classic car (no, no one mentioned the year, make and model). Here's the question and the advice, Sun Media columnist Robin Anderson, had to give:
Dear Robin: My husband is into old cars. The other day, he let me know he is sending a car out for some work -- to the tune of $8,000. I almost snorted my coffee. Why is it he thinks it is perfectly fine to drop that kind of money on an old car, but has a fit when he sees the grocery bill? — Seeing (candyapple) red

Dear Seeing Red: If he is spending the grocery, family vacation or home renovation money on it, you can bet your tush I have a problem with this. But as far as I'm concerned, there are so many worse things he could be doing. If he is home every night, treats you well, loves you, is not addicted to drugs or running around on you, let him have his hobby. If he has a problem with the grocery bill, take him with you the next time you shop and ask him which of his favourite meals he can do without.
— from "School of Life", St. Catharines Standard, January 22, 2010
It's funny, that's exactly the attitude that I share with many wives and partners of muscle car enthusiasts. As the wife of someone who is heavily into cars, I've kind of taken it one step farther ...  "if you can't beat 'em, join 'em — and drag the kids along too!" I'm joking, of course, they come along willingly most of the time! I'm not kidding about joining Michael, though. It's pretty much been like that from the beginning. Like Robin says, of all the things he could be doing or spending our money on, the car hobby is my first choice! And, for the most part, muscle cars and sports cars are a pretty good investment, either increasing in value or at least holding their own.

It's also given us the opportunity to work side by side, and I wouldn't trade that for the world. And, I do like muscle cars, especially their aggressive front ends and all that chrome. I've even worked on the cars alongside Michael. I've detailed interiors and re-upholstered our 1967 Mustang GTA Convertible.
Here's something you might not know: if you look at Michael's painting, Flashback on the Track, you'll see that the 2005 Legend Lime Mustang is reflected in the wall of the Nashville Speedway. But, it's reflected as a 1967 GT Fastback ... that reflection is based on our car. The one I worked on!

So, next time there's a car show, grab your partner, go to the show and treat her to a nice dinner. You never know, she might really enjoy herself. If she's like me, at the very least, she'll appreciate spending time with you and of not cooking or doing the dishes! — Linda

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