Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Stock Photo Find—Michael's 1967 GTA Convertible Mustang on Alamy!

Michael began his career as a commercial illustrator for an advertising agency and I began as a graphic designer. Michael has since completley turned his creative eye to automotive fine art and I manage our studio, website, advertising, etc. I still retain a couple of long term 'design' clients, including a book publisher, Canav Books, and language teaching materials developer, Poster Pals. Imagine my surprise when doing some work for the later, I came across stock photos of one of our cars!! 

(Images are ©Alamy Ltd. All rights reserved.)

Over 20 years ago, at a car show on the Niagara Parkway, a photographer asked to shoot a few of the cars. Who knew that years later OUR 1967 Lime Gold Ford Mustang GTA Convertible (or a photo of it anyway) could be bought on Alamy's stock photo website by anyone! I wonder how many times it's been used in presentations, marketing materials, or just for personal use?

We still have the car, and don't have any plans of selling it in the future (near or far). The Mustang is actually the first car Michael and I bought together. And, it's the first car we worked on together as well. We both have great memories of travelling to the Carlisle Fairgrounds in search of parts. Together, we restored the interior, reupholstered the seats and replaced the convertible roof. We also managed to acquire 4 steering wheels and 3 sets of wheels, all of which we still have! Ah, the life of a true car enthusiast :) 

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