Wednesday, September 19, 2012

A Love Story

Non car people just don't get it. They think a car is just transportation ... that it's a means to an end from point 'A' to point 'B'. When they look at a car (or truck, for that matter), they see 4 wheels, some metal, fiberglass, lights, a windshield and some other stuff that makes it go. But for many, though, it's much, much more than that.

We are often asked, kind of warily, if Michael is in fact a car guy at all. Or just one of those artists that has set their sights on a subject they feel will be profitable to them. With 4 classic cars, mountains of car magazines, shelves of books and boxes full of parts (many duplicates and triplicates, just in case), I can assure you, he's a car guy, nut, enthusiast (whatever word fits) through and through. And, he's definitely not alone.

In searching through the Netflix selections for car chase movies the other day (see what I mean about his passion?), Michael came across a documentary that, as car enthusiasts, you're sure to appreciate. "Love The Beast" is about one man's love of his car, what it's meant to him and his friends, and their journey together. 

Eric Bana and his Ford GT Falcon Coupe
"What if you were a Hollywood movie star with an obsession for cars and racing? You would probably read every script with even the tiniest link to the subject matter, in the hope that you could tell a great car story of the likes of "Grand Prix", "Le Mans" or "Mad Max". —

You'll follow Eric Bana and his Ford GT Falcon Coupe — "THE BEAST", through his early childhood, acquisition of his first car (which is incidentally, the Falcon Coupe), restoration, rebuild, racing and more. Through Eric's eyes, we get a glimpse at his own 25 year long love story — reflecting on a lifetime of ownership and of friendship. Jay Leno, Jeremy Clarkson and Dr. Phil pitch in to help give us insight into the car obsessed psyche. You'll be glad to hear, they all agree it's quite healthy (yes, even Dr. Phil says so!).

A young Eric Bana.
Actor/Race Car Driver Eric Bana with Jay Leno.
From "Love the Beast", Eric Bana with Dr. Phil.
English motorsport broadcaster, Jeremy Clarkson.

When you have a spare couple of hours, check it out. I don't think you'll be disappointed. — Linda


  1. Thanks for the suggestion! I'll have to check that out!!

    Rob Bohuslav (Chryslers @ Carlisle Rob)

    1. Hope you like it, it's our kind of Love Story!! Michael often has car related movies playing in the Studio while he paints ... calls it "inspirational!" Personally, I think he likes the sound of revving engines and the squeal of the tires!! Hey, whatever brings out the creativity. Enjoy.