Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Car Art in Man Cave Garage

We have a number of clients that are creating man caves in the house and, even more often now, in the "garage." Here is one we had a chance to visit recently and see for our selves. Big thanks to Tim for giving us the grand tour. He has a really cool, eclectic collection of cars and a garage space to suit.

This summer  he opened his property to the public to host a car show with proceeds going to prostrate cancer. Due to a scheduling conflict we couldn't make it this year, but hope to for 2012. I'll post more info as it becomes available. In the mean time, here are a few pics of this set up.

Viper Gallery Edition Canvas, "Dry Lake Snakes,"  (bottom right) still wrapped,
ready to hang with the other Michael Irvine Mopar canvases.
Tim likes the Gallery Edition Canvases because he can hang them high
 and still enjoy the details. Giving him more "space to hang stuff!"
 I like the way he has them arranged ... two horizontals bookended by
two verticals.
Along with the art, Tim has an incredible collection of diecasts, models,
and Viper magazine cover (along with the customized car!)
In the background, Michael and Tim. Under the car
cover ... Reggie Jackson's burnt (now rebuilt) Challenger.
I took the photographs with my phone (forgot the camera at home), so they're not the best quality. But still, who can resist sneaking a peek into someone else's garage! — Linda


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