Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Keeping the Hobby Alive - The Next Generation of Car Enthusiasts

One thing I love about the car enthusiast hobby, is that although it's definitely for grownups, it can be a real family experience. And THAT, is great to see. Especially when you consider that in order for it to thrive into the future, we have to get the next generation interested early on.

It's wonderful to see fathers and sons, or whole families for that matter, cruising the show field at events like those held in Carlisle, Pennsylvania. Or mom and dad with a couple of kids in tow at a Wednesday night cruise-in at the local shopping mall or burger joint.

I'm glad to see kid-friendly stuff and activities crop up at carshows, as well.  Especially for the younger ones, whose attention spans are a bit shorter. And that organizations like Take a Kid to a Carshow exist. Monster trucks, dirt track stock car racing and days at the drag strip, are also super for getting kids excited about cars and trucks — I mean who doesn't love the noise and excitement! The Cars movies aren't hurting the hobby either, and show us that there is interest even at the youngest of ages.

When we exhibit at car events, we get a chance to see the effects of involving young people in person. It gave me goose bumps when, at the Mopar Nationals, an 8 year old boy chose one of Michael's automotive art prints over a Sony PSP. Or, when at the Wellborn Muscle Car Museum, a 12 year old spent his saved up lawn mowing money to do the same.

And, then there's this: Antoinette, a client of ours, sent us a photo of her husband, Peter, with their little granddaughter reading her favorite book ... the Mopar Collectors Guide ... you just have to love that!

Mopar lover's favorite bedtime reading: Mopar Collectors Guide!

It gives me hope for the future of the hobby. Be safe and have fun. — Linda

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