Monday, November 15, 2010

New Corvette Painting Released

It's finally here —  Michael's long awaited Corvette painting. Entitled, "C1, See Them All" it features over 30 cars, spanning all six generations of America's classic sports car. It will be officially released tomorrow, but it's up on line now. It is the 7th painting in Michael's "Muscle Car Landscapes" Series.

The painting's name, "C1, See Them All," is a play on words. Taking advantage of the aptly named C1 through C6 generations of the Corvette, Michael chose the title to tell the story ... while stopping at a scenic rest stop, one of a group of late model Vette drivers have spotted a C1 in the valley. As he calls his fellow enthusiasts over, he realizes that he not only sees the one car, but has happened upon a find of epic proportions ... when he sees them all!!

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