Monday, September 7, 2009

See You At The Charlotte AutoFair

We are going to North Carolina to the Charlotte AutoFair held at the Lowe's Motor Speedway. Back in 1994, for the 30th Anniversary of the Ford Mustang, Michael, Jackie (a good friend of ours) and I made the trip to, what was then called, the Charlotte Motor Speedway. It was the biggest show we attended that year and it was very exciting. Enthusiasts from all over the world made the trip. President Bill Clinton even took his Mustang out on the track! You could just feel the energy in the air.

So going back, brings back some really great memories. At the time,  Michael only had two prints available, "Evolution of a Legend", which he painted in tribute to the Mustang for the Anniversary, and "Desert Snakes", the first print in the now sold out, Reflections of Horsepower Series. That series really was the start to Michael's "signature style" - he is known for his incredible use of reflective surfaces. The show also inspired Michael to incorporate the Speedway in "Mach Speed" (shown above). The Limited Edition Prints and in some cases, Artist Proofs with Remarque are sold out, however, Gallery Edition Canvases are available in the series.

Since then, Michael's portfolio has really grown to include all years of the famous pony car as well as a collection of Pontiac, Chev and Mopar paintings. It should be a fun show. And we are really looking forward to visiting North Carolina again ... if memory serves, it's a beautiful state. I think our set up will be located in the Art Display area, which is in the garage with the feature cars. If you're down in that neck of the woods, stop by and see us.

See you at the Speedway! - Linda

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