Monday, July 27, 2009

Chrysler Carlisle - What a Blast!

Spending the weekend at All-Chrysler Carlisle, we got to visit with so many collectors of Michael's car art prints, as well as meet new clients (and friends) collecting prints, artist proofs and canvases, that it felt like a great big reunion party! I can't remember the last time we had so many laughs. The 3 day show just flew by. Even the impending dark weather (there was a threat of a tornado at one point) did not dampen spirits. In fact, turns out we were very fortunate, as hail and other bad weather skirted around us.

From past experience (we took over $1100 damage last year at the MCA Show at the Ford Plant in Oakville during a flash downpour), we decided to take down the framed Limited Edition Prints, Gallery Edition Canvases, Artist Proofs and even "display only" prints we had up. And just in time, too ... within minutes of us wrapping them up and loading then in the old Grand Caravan, we were hit with a quick, heavy rain. Lucky for us, no damage at all!

As those of you who attended the show know, we had a great spot this year. With 30 feet of space, we were able to display all four Gallery Edition Canvases in Michael's "Reflections of Mopower Series." The series now consists of two verticals, "Six Pack Salute" and "Opens At Eight," and two horizontals, "B-Movie Night" and the NEW E-body Cuda painting, "Feeding Frenzy" (shown above, behind Michael and one of our clients). We were also able to display one of the last Canvases of the popular "They Came With The Farm" painting.

Michael and I are both looking forward to our next car show trek ... we'll be joining Jim at the Mopar Nationals in Hebron, Ohio. He'll have a 20' booth in the Manufacturers Midway (E18). Michael will be there on and off during the weekend. If you're in the area, stop by and say hi!

I hope that like us, you too, are enjoying the car show season this year! The cars are cool. The parts are plentiful. And the crowds are great! - Linda

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