Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Cool Mustang Police Chase

We receive emails daily from our clients, that include photos of their cars (of course - everyone hopes to see their car appear in one of Michael's automotive fine art paintings!), photos of car shows and other automotive events, family album stuff, and then, just cool things that they, themselves, have come across.

The video below is just that. And trust me, even if you're not a fan of Ford's Shelby Mustang, you'll have to admit that this ad for one of America's top modern muscle cars is just really, really cool! And face it, we all like cool stuff!

"Ask anybody over 50 this question, "What's the coolest thing you've ever owned?" Without missing a beat, most people will mention a favorite car or truck. It's been this way for generations. Cars are cool. Americans love them, what they stand for, their technology, and the freedom they provide."- by Rex Roy | AOL Autos

I don't usually forward emails, or share the jokes, etc that we receive. But this was just too neat to pass up on passing on. And although there are muscle cars used in almost every type of tv ad these days, including most recently Cialis and Nivea, this ad is all about the car, for the car lover! I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. - Linda

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